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Man has been equipped with the power of thinking since time immemorial. This power turned him highly creative with the passage of time. When he started suffering at the hands of destiny in spite of his being intelligent and creative he explored different methods to get solutions for his sufferings.
In his expeditions of finding resolution he became extremely spiritual and contributed many jewels of spirituality to humanity. These priceless jewels are Yoga, ayurveda, tantra and astrology etc. All these are considered parts of vedantic knowledge in India. The final goal of man as per this knowledge is considered self realization only. Self realization can give us ultimate happiness. Life does not remain incomplete at all after self realization.
Every human being has to go throught the adverse times throughout his whole life. Only the Astrologers can indicate the changeless times in one's life through varied established principles and techniques given by our seers, changed and refined by nice scholars from time One such principle is 'predicting the fatality through the utilization of Dwadashamsha' chart of the native that was hidden within the limbo of oblivion for long principle. It is the result of long research and observation that this principle could be brought into light. It is now up to the principle and discover and invent such other valuable principles for the welfare of mankind.
Pandit Dr. Ketan bhargav are one of them who help people to come out from daily problems which they face. Astrology helps them to give right path. Sometimes there are some question which are not answerable like “why this only happens with me?” They goes to wrong side and use wrong techniques to make their life better but in the end there is no success. So at our Astro service center all problems are solved by one of famous and most trustable Astrologer and helps in making your life happy.


About My Blog Vedic Astrology

By the Dr.Ketan Bhargav ,I am administration with you my ability of Hindu Vedic Astrometry through this blog. Hindu Vedic Astrometry has been followed in India from age-old times. Rishi Munis of India were able to adumbrate the approaching accurately with the advice of Astrology


Daily Predictions

Daily Predictions Employment and business growth in wages at Tue situation and progress on the other hand, the presence of marital happiness is to obstruct. Saturn is considered marital special Amnlkari. In some cases, the blame automatically goes away or is defect prevention and treatment.


Indian Astrologer

Astrology: As we know moon completes its circle in about 27 plus days and is also the fastest planet of the zodiac. By virtue of its movement Moon forms varied yogas that have both qualities bad and good. Our findings recommend that Moon forms the most negative yogas in a single round that's why this much misery exists on this planet. Sages were of the opinion that a yoga forming Moon ought to be free from all affictions and not weak within the sky


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It's really well maintained, updated & sensible site with correct forecasts. I hope to receive same kind of response in future too.

-Geetika Mandal

This is really a very good experience for me about my future prospects and the daily weekly and monthly as well yearly future predictions that too accurate

-Meet Sharma

I am truly grateful to your team for providing quick and prompt service to all my emails.

-Sunil Mehta

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