Employment and business growth in wages at Tue situation and progress on the other hand, the presence of marital happiness is to obstruct. Saturn is considered marital special Amnlkari. In some cases, the blame automatically goes away or is defect prevention and treatment.
Tue blame on other planets (Effects of other planets on Manglik Do sh) Mnglik blame it on the simple and exquisite treatments (Easy remedy for Manglik Dosha) which marital relationship that is going to blame it on his sun sign is present. Both the bride and groom's horoscope is made ​​equal blame Tue impact of the self is destroyed. The Virgo horoscope Tue 1, 2, 4, 7, 8,12 sense that the young woman to be married to God the chart that same sense of her Tue Sat Tue Amnlkari would not be seated. Tue to Sun's vision is to be the prevention of defects.
IV and VII expressions Tue Aries, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn planets and the sight of her not so cruel effects of defects Mnglik automatically reduces (The effect of Manglik Dosha is lessened). Tue having conjunction of Rahu is Tue defect prevention (Mars-Rahu combination destroys Manglik Dosha). Mercury and Venus in the ascendant location astrological conjunction legislation that avoids the defects. Cancer and Leo ascendant Tue Lgnsth in the center and the triangle is the owner of Raja Yoga which makes it a bad effect is reduced Tue. The groom's horoscope Tue makes sense to blame the girl's horoscope Mangli sit in the sun in the same sense, if Saturn or Rahu Tue defects are extinguished.
Tue blame for fasting and ritual (Fasts and Rituals to lessen the effect of Manglik Dosha) Tue defect prevention of the planets in the birth chart does not match then it should cure by fasting and ritual. Mangala Gauri and Vat Savitri is fast, good luck. If you wish to be free from this defect inadvertently Mangli married woman is beneficial to the ritual of fasting is to decontamination. The Virgo horoscope maiden Tue defect occurs if the secret of getting married again decreases or pipal tree without Tue blame the fault does not wish to marry. Vishnu idol prestigious life after marriage when the girl marries avoids the defect.
Fasting on Tuesdays from vermilion to worship Hanuman and Hanuman Chalisa is cool to the text of Mangli blame. Kartikeya live worship are covered by this defect. Mahamrityujay mantra is the destroyer of all obstacles. Tue mantra of peace planet from the effects of marital Tue defects. To wear red lentils, sandalwood Blood, Blood Flower, Mishtan and money wrapped Tue disaster is far from river

to love the boys and girls to understand the A-ends are more opportunities for. Thereby the second of two-interest like, nature and more efficiently and unpleasant to do understand. to love and affection dissimulate bride and strengthen the door are bound to. In ऎसे in difficult situations of life remains with the also.
Sometimes the love of the bride and the situation after the marriage is the contrary. In this situation both the love of to expedite decision seems to have been considered and indiscriminately.

To see that the let spiral Yoga is making prospects of love

1. The total of the possibilities of love (yogas of rahu increase the chances of a love marriage)

  • When the marriage and in सप्तम but at the rate of the person of the guru, and दृ्ष्टि love of being is becoming increasingly features. The demon Rahu sense of marriage connection to the person to family tradition of marriage away from me. The demon Rahu संस्कृ्ति to nature of work and mark away from प्रवृ्ति is considered.

  • When horrendous Mars in connection with Saturn or the moon or are becoming a potential that still love. all the planets spiral in to these three planets most unlucky and evil planet has been considered. In these three planets when any planet makes marriage connection with nature, भावेश is consent of the person against his family and prospects of marriage is to.

  • For the person in spiral सप्तमेश & Venus of Saturn on दृ्ष्टि or Rahu, is becoming a potential for love. (aspect of rahu, saturn on the seventh hardie years venus increases chances of love marriage)

  • When fifth in the Swami's high amount at Rahu and Ketu or even becoming a total of the love of a person.

2. The other love Yoga (other astrological yogas for love marriage)

  • When any person in the कुण्ड्ली Mars or Chandra fifth sense, along with the owner of The fifth and in the sense of सप्तम or with the owner in सप्तम sense of love and also when Yoga is becoming.
  • Further, when Venus marriage or Chand quotes from 9th fifth or from his fifth sense on the prospects of becoming a love. (venus in fifth years ninth house code ascendant years fifth house code moon increases love marriage chances)
  • Showing love in the fifth rate when Mars पंचमेश & एकादशेश and the amount of spiral परिवतन or both in a sense and at the same love of being is becoming a yoga.
  • If any person in the fifth and सप्तम spiral sense सप्तम & 9th sense the owner or the owner of the same are located in the State is becoming a potential that love. When सप्तम in sense
  • Status of Saturn and Ketu, and of the person can love. (when saturn years ketu are in the seventh house the chances of love in marriage increase)
  • Spiral rituals and fifth sense the owner of and with a marriage or 9th sense and owner of a sitting together, or are the other person in a position of love is becoming a potential.
  • When a person's spiral owner of the moon and सप्तम sense दृ्ष्टि connection with one another and are still possibilities of love is becoming increasingly.
  • When Swami सप्तम सप्तम sense of sense and located in the sense of marriage is nervous. and person can love.
  • fifth & सप्तम sense between the owners of moon, state or दृ्ष्टि ratio or both are being change in love is becoming a total of the marriage. (combinatin of fifth and the seventh house and mutual love aspect years sign exchange causes of marriage)
  • When सप्तमेश दृ्ष्टि cuts, with the moon, द्वादश sense, and in love.
  • द्वादश लग्नेश sense, सप्तमेश in and the moon and the दृ्ष्टि Bhagyesh ratio is made of love, is becoming a potential. (conjunction of lagna hardie seventh house years aspect increases chances of love marriage)
  • When a horrendous Saturn, the owner of sense सप्तम interest rate and to build सप्तमेश. It may be love. if you want to convince your lover or parents for love marriage

Mars from the position of employment and livelihood in business development and progress, on the other hand is the presence of marital life is happiness as barrier. In the special अमंलकारी Saturn marital life has been considered.
In some cases the fault automatically: Otherwise, it is removed by treatment is Prevention fault.
The effect of other planets Mars fault (effects of other planets code manglik dosh) मंगलीक on to blame the simple and the best treatment is (cable remedy for manglik dosha) that the marriage is to be blamed in a spiral present. If both of the bride and groom spiral in a fault is automatically effects of Mars is destroyed. The female of Mars spiral in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8,12 in sense of the girl married to a god of Mars which spiral in its common sense of Saturn is sitting is not अमंलकारी Mars.
view of Saturn on Mars from the prevention of conviction is. Fourth and सप्तम sense Mars in Aries, cancer, scorpion or the makara amount and in terms of planets cruel manglik, is not automatically impact of blame There is only a small (the effect of manglik dosha is lessened).
Mars Mars from the moon of prevention of conviction is combination (mars-rahu destroys manglik dosha). According to the astrological legislation rituals of cuts in conjunction with mercury and the conviction is taboo.
kark in rituals and Singh लगनस्थ owner of Mars if Central & triangle, it makes राजयोग which is inauspicious Mars is low. groom's spiral in sitting in the sense of girls MANGANI fault is makes sense spiral in the sun, Saturn or Mars Rahu, the fault is fighting.
fast and pray for fault ritual (fasts and rituals to lessen the effect of manglik dosha) If spiral in prevention of Mars fault with the planets is not perform fast and it should be treated. Mangalagouri and Vata Savitri fast of luck is to provide. consciously be MANGANI girl's marriage if this defect is free from God, of a fast the blame for prevention is favorable to perform.
The female of Mars spiral in charge before marriage is if a secret down from the pipal tree or marriage to behold God free from defects and mars should marry, it is not the fault.
reputed Vishnu image of marriage to life after marriage if girl is that this defect is taboo of. keeping fasts on the day of Tuesday from oak to worship of Hanuman and Hanuman lent text of MANGANI to blame is calm. From the worship of Kartikeya minister in charge is getting benefit. mantra महामृत्युजय as 'Sarva hurdle is to.
This mantra of Mars from peace to blame Mars in effect of marital life is less. in red cloth lentil dal, blood sandal, floriculture, मिष्टान blood into the river and money order and to remove Mars is unfortunate.