Your horoscope is a map of planetary positions at your birth place and birth time. Your sun sign is the Zodiac occupied by the sun on your birth date. Although many factors are being considered while interpreting your horoscope, the sun sign is considered the most important factor, which reveals your basic personality traits and potentials growth and development. Another main feature of the horoscope is the availability/presence of all planets in fixed signs. This gives determination, firmness and self reliance. The native will be either dignified or proud, inclined, to be autocratic or austere but will always be reliable and dependable. It confers the capacity to push a matter through ups and downs to a successful conclusion with a sort of missionary zeal.

Guide to Signs

Planets in Aries operate through contests, competitions, challenges, battles. Aries is about being first, taking territory, seizing the day and generally rattling other people's cages. It's about assertiveness and oomph power. Planets in Taurus operate through sales, purchases, business and often non-material values. Taurus is linked to charity and giving, and also to communism and socialism. It's also linked to buying, bartering, owning and keeping. Planets in Gemini operate through communication, language, ideas, and networks. Gemini is also about the short journey. Brothers and sisters are linked to Gemini. It's light and fast. Planets in Cancer operate through mothers, families, property and homeland. It's linked to homes of all kinds (houses, caravans or tents) and also to children and their needs. It's about clans - those you're born with and also create. Planets in Leo operate through the world of children and also through leadership. Leo is about starring, taking centre-stage and shining. It's about dignity and showing by example. Thus it's linked to noble qualities and the nobility. Planets in Virgo operate through the body - and the work ethic. Virgo is linked to shining good health and also obvious health problems. It depends on the individual. It's about lifestyle and daily grind - and doing it well or losing the plot. Planets in Libra operate through partnership - and any battle over inequality or injustice. Libra is about balancing the scales. It points to weddings but also divorce settlements. It's about peace treaties and diplomatic agreements. Planets in Scorpio operate through 'power' money, property and possessions. It's about the kind of money you get through a sexual relationship - typically marriage but not always. It's also about 'death' money - a will, for example. Planets in Sagittarius operate through travel, education, publishing and beliefs. This sign is all about exploring, no matter if it's far-flung countries or outer galaxies. It's about the big picture, big ideas and the need to go further. Planets in Capricorn operate through ambition, hierarchy and class/caste systems. Capricorn is about keeping something permanent and stable - thus, it’s about building strong pyramid-styled structures. Skyscrapers or 'firms'.