Business Problems

Everyone wants to have earn name, fame and money however only a few be successful in their mission. Astrology through evaluation of the birth chart or horoscope of an individual can help weather he will succeed in business or area of work in which native can be success. The nature and strength of lagna and lgna lord in birth chart governs the personality, potential, status, name, fame and wealth of native. The 10th house gains their home is denoted by 11th house after denoting ones vocation. The fifth house denotes creative and expressive talent of individual and 9th house denotes higher knowledge and providential help for luck. The blessing of Jupiter gives success, recognition name, fame and wealth.

Among the planets Venus is the prime signification for luxury. Different planets and different houses in combine results in different businesses. One should have accurate knowledge and deep analysis to suggest the native that which business or which field will be suitable to get desire success in life. The Dasha- Antradasha of planets at appropriate age give success in life. Location of other Rajyogas in the horoscope gives early success, recognition and lasting name, fame and wealth. It is also necessary to predict that native will get success in his birth land or foreign land.

Gajkesri rajyoga is good yoga for business and make money which is formed when moon and Jupiter are together or in opposition with each other. Gajkesri rajyoga is capable of making the person king of earth. It implies that it is really powerful. Unlikely Sakat yoga means a combination of trouble or problems forms when Jupiter and moon are second- 12th from each other or 6th 8th to each other. Pandit ketan bhargav is expert in finding remedies of all business related problems. He can suggest you accurate field of work, accurate muruth for particular work so that you can get success, happiness, name, fame and wealth.