It has always been conceived by the numerologists that the number plays an important and pivotal role in shaping up our fortune. A particular group of numbers makes their presence felt from cradle to grave either in negative or positive way. There are a lot of Numerology systems in different regions of the world. Every system in its own way is unique and important and has significance. It is not important to discuss which system is better than the other but the importance lies in deep knowledge.

The system, in-depth knowledge will enable a numerologist to guide the people in better way and help them in shaping their life and fortune. Numerology also reveals the secrets of present, past and future. Since beginning numerology has marked its presence and the numerologists have always utilized the divine wisdom and knowledge for guiding the people to ameliorate, their condition. At present there are many systems of numerology prevalent among all over the world. Each and every system possess importance in its own. Out of these systems Vedic numerology, Chinese Numerology and the concepts derived by Pythagoras, Spherical are the most prominent. The Pythagorean system is considered the best out of all these prevailing systems due to extraordinary result.