Visa Problems

In modern era it has become dream of each and everyone to travel abroad for make their life better. Many of them aspires to settle in abroad. But it is not possible for everyone. We will try to find out astrological reasons for whether the planets in the birth chart of native let this or not.

Foreign travel can be two types:-

  • Short term or occasional.
  • Permanent residence

Rules for foreign travel:

  • Venus, Mars and moon placed in moveable sign.
  • When Rahu is placed in moveable sign native will get help of other in abroad travel.
  • The ascendant not be placed in seventh house identical to moveable sign.
  • Ascendant lord posited in a moveable sign.
  • Saturn in constellation of Swati, Poorvashda , Ashwini, Krittika, Uttaraphalguni or Uttrashada.
  • 10th house and lord in moveable sign.
  • The 12th lord is placed in moveable sign.
  • Ketu posited in 9th or 12th house in moveable sign.
  • The lord of 10th house posited in star of Rahu or Ketu or Saturn.
  • The sun, the moon, the Venus and mercury conjunct anywhere in the chart.
  • Lord of 12th hose posited in 9th house in moveable sign.
  • Jupiter aspects 12th hose lord of 12th.

Travel abroad if look at logical must include houses, signs and planet which indicate movement. Mercury is also responsible for visa. If Mercury is not in good house or lord of bad house or aspects from bad planets like Saturn or Rahu Ketu. Pandit Ketan bhargav will resolve your problems like travelling abroad, visa, permanent residence, job in abroad, with the help of Hawan, pooja, Nav grah shanti , gemstones which depends on your birth chart. With the advice of him you can easily go abroad or settle permanent there.