Palmistry, known as Hast Jyotish in Sanskrit, or Chiromancy, is the art of reading the past, present and future of anyone through his palm lines. Palm Reading has its root in Vedas and Indian Astrology which has been travelled to Europe and forward through the gypsies. Our palm tells about our potential, our inner personality as well as the time-lines for our dharma/karma to manifest, that is certain events to occur in the future.

Prominent Palm Lines are considered during Palm Reading include the Head Line, the Life Line, the Heart Line and the Fate Line. However, there are several more lines and the starting, endings and interactions of these are effective in getting an accurate palmistry reports. Similarly, there are several mounts on one's palm that are considered in a palm reading. The major ones are the Mount of Jupiter, the Mount of Saturn, the Mount of Sun, the Mount of Mercury, the Mount of Venus, the Mount of Mars, and the Mount of Moon,

Various successful and famous people have consulted palm readers for insights into their own personality and future. Sceptics have been convinced, with Mark Twain, the famous author also being convinced by Cheerio - one of the famous practitioners of palmistry(who coincidentally learned palm reading in India).

At astro world, we bring you the knowledge of palm reading, from the best of Vedic palm readers, through the convenience of the internet - just take a photograph of your hand and submit it for a professional palmistry, or match your palm lines in our free online palm reading interactive to read your future yourself.